As digital marketing takes on a more prominent role in businesses to coincide with the ever-growing and ever-advancing competitive digital world, investing in a strong, trustworthy marketing team with a vision is akin to investing in sunshine to keep a plant alive (yes, we like plant metaphors).

When seeing how to go about such a feat, businesses weigh out the effectiveness in either having an in-house marketing team, partnering up with a digital marketing agency, or making use of both.

To make our argument as to why investing in an agency is a good idea, we’ve highlighted five benefits that we can assure when working with a team such as ours:

1. Many plants in one pot

A digital marketing agency is one place of reference within which the numerous, diverse, specialised roles for a holistic digital marketing output are present. An agency is built up of persons with experience, knowledge and understanding in the different facets of the digital marketing world, whether it is the chapter to implement strategies and ideas, creation or analysis of the product.

Furthermore, agencies such as Cacti also have a tried and tested network of reliable professionals and contacts close to the core team to whom work can be outsourced, to provide the perfect output to what any business is seeking: whether it is scouting the perfect soundtrack for your advert or media collaborator to give your advert a home.

In many businesses, especially small and medium sized, a marketing team of one or two persons is left to wear many hats, often without having the quality of expertise required for all tasks. We believe that working with a digital agency, be it by relying solely on the agency or working together with your business’ in-house marketing manager, could yield better overall results. Purzest Glass Terrarium, House Shape Geometric Succulent  Terrarium with Swing Lid Tabletop Planter Box Mini Indoor Greenhouse for  Fern Moss Air Plants Miniature Housewarming Gift: Garden & Outdoor

2. Value for money

From our experience, and perhaps shattering a common pre-conceived notion, depending on how much you are looking to accomplish, it is often more cost effective to partner up with an agency rather than employ an internal marketing manager, or recruiting a full marketing team which handles every part of the process. From concept creation, to design, artwork, videography, photography, editing, digital marketing, social media, analytical reporting, strategy creation, and all the works – not to mention equipment, software, office space and so on, investing in an agency is a one-stop home to all of the above taken on by the hands and hearts of different professionals to assure high-quality work.

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3. We are robust

In line with the point mentioned above, since, by its nature an agency is a team of persons as opposed to one or two, by investing in an agency, businesses can rest assured that their campaigns and vision can be stably handled long-term, as work is spread among a number of individuals as opposed to one or two persons.

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4. Our scientific toolbox

Agencies invest in resources which usually are not practical for just one company to have. Your marketing strategies are based on analytical reports and insightful data from plugins that we use to connect social media to website sales. Apart from the fact that by investing in an agency, a business is also investing in tools, these reports add another layer of reliability, where companies can be confident that their marketing strategies have a foundation in fact and professional analysis.

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5. The advantage of cross-industry knowledge

By having diverse clients, as a digital agency we are involved with businesses in numerous industries – a benefit unique to an agency. This allows us to know the broader market and context, and thus have a wider vision, also enabling us to identify factors from one industry and use it to inform our work within another. Such a perspective also benefits us – and you- in that we can better weigh and measure what would be an informed, impactful marketing strategy without having a biased opinion.

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