Following the release of the video created for George Farrugia & Sons for Moroccanoil, we sat down with our client Francesca Farrugia to ask her what it was like working with our team, as well as process from concept to project completion.

At Cacti we constantly seek to answer these questions to ensure we keep on improving and providing a better service for upcoming projects.

Why did you choose to work with Cacti? 

“I was in the process of looking for a company to work with on the Moroccanoil project and when I was approached by Cacti I realised that they were the perfect fit for this project. Cacti understood my vision and concept for the video so it was the perfect collaboration to put my thoughts into action.” 

What was it like to work with Cacti? 

“Working with Cacti was very enjoyable and informative as I got a very good look into what goes into the production of a video. As I mentioned before, Cacti immediately understood what I had in mind so our work flow was very in-sync. Locations used for the video were spot on and I was very happy with Cacti’s input to further develop the advert concept.” 

What was the reason for the video? 

“The reason behind the BE AN ORIGINAL video was to showcase local creatives and give a local touch to an international brand, to make it more relatable and increase awareness within the local market.”

What did you want to achieve?

 “I wanted to achieve a local take on Moroccanoil, along with raising the bar within the local haircare brand sector.”

What was the communication process like? 

“Communication process with Cacti was very smooth and the team was always available to iron out any queries.”

What was your favourite part of the process? 

“My favourite part was definitely being part of the shoots held and seeing the project come to life in such an artistic manner. Cacti made it very easy to feel part of the team, and were always open to suggestions from my end which made the whole process feel very collaborative and fun. Of course, seeing the final result was the culmination of all this work, and being part of the process made me appreciate and value the final result even more.”

Did you get what you wanted? 

“The final result was definitely what I wanted, as seeing all the different creatives brought together in such a way was great.”

Were your expectations met? 

“My expectations were met and the end results did surpass what I had in mind.”

 Will you work with Cacti again? 

“I will definitely work with Cacti again should the opportunity arise.”

If you haven’t seen the video yet here it is. Let us know what you think and feel free to get in touch with us to discuss working together on

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