Last week we proudly drew the curtain to present our new pruning. Have you seen it?

Over the past few months, our team has been working alongside local branding agency Bloom Creative and web-design company Bison to give our company a new, fitting look.

Since pouring our energy into creating impactful and memorable visuals is at the core of what Cacti does, having the perfect visual identity for ourselves was significant to us.

That’s where Bloom came in. A few discussions later, the branding company managed to create a visual identity which reflects both everything we are, and everything we aspire to be daily: young and fun, dynamic and creative, approachable, professional and trustworthy.

After they listened and understood the colour scheme we were after and the most prominent qualities of Cacti’s character, the Bloom team quickly got back to us with an iconic logo which is immediately recognisable, a bold, minimalist, elegant and modern word mark with friendly letterforms, making it extremely versatile.

Here is what Neil Martin from Bloom Creative had to say about the branding process: “The main qualities we wanted to reflect in the branding were the youthful, fun and dynamic elements of the company, as well as their professionality and quality of service. We did this mainly by creating a brand that uses a fun and ‘approachable’ logo and colour scheme but the brand is assembled together in a way that shows trustworthiness, and expertise.”

That versatility is also reflected in our new website, which, in the simplified words of Bison, is “playful but professional”. Scroll vertically to find out more about us, our clients and services, and swiftly slide horizontally through the portfolio of moving experiences we built throughout 2020.

Our new chat function also allows us to be closer and more easily accessible to anyone looking to inquire or start a dialogue with us (we promise we won’t prick).

Here is what Sam Urpani from Bison had to say about the web design process: “Cacti had a clear idea of what they were after which always makes our job easier. It was a pleasure to work on the website alongside them. They have a great energy which was fun to incorporate into the overall aesthetic of the website.”

Our complete new look, dressed in desert cacti green and dusty yellow, including a fine-looking cactus logo, and virtually housed in a dynamic site, perfectly fits who we are making us both feel more true to ourselves, as well as instantly recognisable among our clients and prospective clients, which we hope will translate into long-term relationships.

Here is what Karl Vassallo, Cacti’s Head of Clients, Sales and Marketing had to say:

“With a fresh new look, our team cannot wait for 2021. If the previous year is anything to go by, then we are really optimistic, and are very excited about what projects we will be biting our teeth into. With the new branding, and a website expertly created by Bison which compliments and amplifies Bloom’s designs, we are now even more proud to show our clients who we are, what we are about and the work we can deliver.”

Here’s to 2021, and growing upwards and upwards!

(The only way cacti can grow, really).


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